Meet the Maker – GC Events and Styling

Meet the Maker – GC Events and Styling

There’s nothing I like more than a picnic and grazing board, especially going into summer. During lockdown I’ve had an opportunity to slow down and connect with many local producers in my own backyard on  the Peninsula including the super talented ladies from GC Events and Styling.

The brainchild of local ladies Giselle and Celine, GC Events and Styling craft the most beautiful picnic baskets and styled picnics for a special occasion or weekend treat using sustainable luxury picnicware. Their picnic baskets hold all of all your picnic essentials, including their signature handmade linen napkins and picnic blanket, silver cutlery and a grazing box full of yummy locally sourced food. They deliver the basket directly to  to your doorstep and collect it again when you are done. So it’s super easy and convenient!
Grazing boards are complements of Wattle and Tide which come brimming with  cured meats, cheeses, seasonal fruits, freshly baked bread and sweet treats.  For something even more luxurious, styled picnics are also available, including handmade linen tables cloths, napkins and/ or oversized picnic blanket, picnic essentials witha hint of nostalgia and a delicious platter of locally sourced food. If you have little ones, children events are also available.
I caught up with the girls to find out more about their business and what inspires them.


What inspired you to set up your company?

G&C was inspired by our love of family and friends, life on the Peninsula and the beautiful landscape. We feel there is a responsibility to care for the environment. With careful design, celebrations can still be beautiful and memorable without having an environmental impact.


What generally inspires you?

Life’s little moments and the beach


Why do you love where you live?

We are often in awe of this beautiful land, it forces us to slow down and reflect on what is most important.


What are your favourite things to do on the Peninsula?

Picnics and long walks at the beach.


Why is your picnic ware so special?

All sourced with sustainability at heart, our picnic essentials are the perfect combination of repurpose, hand made and durable quality. We have given vintage silverware new life, reused discarded wine crates, locally handmade linens, durable enamelware and it has nostalgic vibes as a result.


Tell me more about you and you background?

We come from different backgrounds, Céline from Journalism and management and Giselle from fashion and design. Despite our backgrounds, our core values overlap, which evolved into our mutual vision that became G&C.


What’s next?

We will soon be launching our first themed children’s party package, with more to follow. Our core values are carried through these themes, to ensure our celebrations do their part for this pristine coastline.


What are your top foodie recommendations in the Pen?

Polperro winery for the most amazing spread and matched wines. Baked in Portsea for the best coffee. St Andrews Brewery for beer and pub grub. The Baths for spectacular views, great food and service.


How important is sustainability to your business?

Sustainability is very important to G&C, we are dedicated to luxury in partnership with the environment.


To find out more about GC Events and Styling visit


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    GC Events and Styling, a local business, creates luxury picnic baskets from sustainable materials. The picnic baskets are filled with everything you need for a picnic, from handmade linen napkins to silver cutlery. GC Events and Styling will deliver and collect your basket, so you can enjoy it without having to worry about transport. To make the process easier, GC Events and Styling has created a handy planning sheet to get you started.

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    Local business GC Events and Styling creates beautiful picnic baskets for all your outdoor entertaining needs. They use sustainable luxury picnic ware, including linen napkins and silver cutlery. Not only are their baskets beautiful, they can deliver and collect them for you. You’ll find your perfect picnic spot in no time! Read on to learn more about the products and services they provide. Read on to learn about Meet the Maker GC Events and Styling.

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