Top 10 foodie finds in Melbourne (May)

Top 10 foodie finds in Melbourne (May)


1. Square & Compass (Barry’s sister cafe) is the latest cafe to hit East Melbourne on Clarendon Street. The all day menu has an extensive list of brunch and lunch classics. Health conscious eaters will love the mixed ancient grain salad served with cauliflower rice, barberries, avocado labne, poached egg and seared cured trout, while the ginger and rhubarb waffle with vanilla crème, ginger snaps and toasted coconut is a great option for sweet tooths. Coffee is courtesy of Seven Seeds and Promised Land.

Square and Compass on Urbanspoon

2. Burgers in a old-school train carriage? What will Melbourne come up with next? Five storeys up, you will find Easey’s on the rooftop where you can enjoy pop tarts and Frosties cereal for breakfast and Southern fried chicken and burgers for lunch. Don’t leave without trying their ‘Easy Cheesy’ signature all-day burger – complete with a beef patty, American cheddar and all the trimmings. This is a burger joint like no other. And the views aren’t bad either.

Easey's on Urbanspoon

3. Reunion & Co is the hottest new opening on shopping precinct Bridge Road. Neighbouring local favourite Touchwood, Reunion & Co offers breakfast and lunch classics and coffee by Allpress in beautiful surrounds. It’s a great spot to cosy up to their fireplace with a book in the winter months.Watch out Touchwood, you have some strong competition!

Reunion & Co on Urbanspoon

4. Another burger joint in Melbourne?  This isn’t stopping the crowds descending into newly opened Brother Burger and the Marvellous Brew in South Yarra. This burger joint serves up 10o percent Wagyu beef patties, designed to be washed down with Australian craft beers and hard milkshakes. The ‘Oh Brother’ comes highly recommended with a double beef patty, double cheese, jalapenos, lettuce, American mustard, house made ketchup and pickled onions.

Brother Burger and the Marvellous Brew on Urbanspoon

5. Designed for drinkers and diners, Aloha Sailor is a newly opened underground tiki bar in the heart of Collingwood. Housed in the Noble Experiment’s basement, you can expect luscious cocktails Tiki style as well as a decent food menu. Think coconut prawns, crispy roast suckling pig and 12 spice pork ribs. Now who’s feeling hungry?

The Noble Experiment on Urbanspoon

6. Can food really make you feel happy? Seratonin Eatery certainly thinks so. This plant-cased cafe provides foods that regulate neurotransmitters and hormone activity which keeps our mood and gut happy. All produce is organic where possible and sourced from quality farmers. All dishes are made in house and based on nutritious plant-based recipes, integral for clean eating. Serotonin also integrates its eatery with an exercise centre to ensure a holistic approach to health and happiness.

Serotonin Eatery on Urbanspoon

7. Doughboy Doughnuts for their epic gourmet doughnuts and coffee. These aren’t just your average doughnuts -they are made fresh in batches everyday and hand dipped in palate popping flavours. Think lemon zest and poppy-seed  or a  two Double D (peanut butter, chocolate and nuts). This is a doughnut experience like no other.

Doughboys Doughnuts on Urbanspoon

8. Proper & Sons in the South Melbourne market for their market roast rolls, made to order from 11.30am.  Their signature roll – the corned wagyu brisket is superb – filled with pickles, cabbage and mustard. Proper & Sons set the menu weekly based on what they find within the market and what is in season. The Proper salads pack a punch too – particularly the sweet potato, bacon and maple.

Proper & Son on Urbanspoon

9. Woody P on Flinders Lane – a Mediterranean inspired restaurant, showcasing a produce-driven menu. Head chef Clinton Camilleri (ex Lake House, Healesville Hotel) will continue to tantalise the tastebuds of many diners to come with highlights including kingfish crudo, pork cheek croquettes and 48-hour beef ribs.

Woody P on Urbanspoon

10. Stagger Lee’s on Brunswick Street for its mean brunch menu. This Fitzroy hot spot specialises in simple and sexy comfort food. Think BBQ beef brisket toastie, spanner crab and green pea omelette or the infamous American corn beef hash.

Stagger Lee's on Urbanspoon


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