Dach & Sons – making junk food trendy

Dach & Sons – making junk food trendy

When you think of burgers, sliders and whisky you don’t typically think of Hampstead. But Hampstead is now home to one of the hippest venues in town – Dach & Sons.

London’s latest addition to the burger and hotdog trend is brought to you by Fluid Movement, the team taking London’s cocktail bar scene by storm from NY inspired speakeasy bars – Purl and Worship Street Whistling Shop. I was interested to see how their talent for mixology translates to food.

Dach & Sons is located on Heath Street, a stones throw from Hampstead Station and a short stroll from one of my favourite pubs in London the Holly Bush.

This place oozes New York cool. Small and attractive it boasts sparking white tiled walls, exposed pipes, neon signs and electric bulbs dangling from the ceiling.

Dach & Sons is more than just your average dirty burger joint. The menu is small and dedicated to the classics – a choice of four hotdogs, burger or sliders (3 mini burgers).

The food isn’t cheap – mains around £8 and sides £4 but you can save a few pennies by opting for the main + side for £11 or main + side + side for £15.

I started with a traditional beef Dachsund hot dog (£8) topped with sauerkraut and tomato ketchup. The beef, cooked medium rare has a great texture and depth of flavour.  Supplied locally by the Hampstead Butcher, the sausages are all cooked under water ‘sous-vide’ at specific temperatures, then flash fried which ensures they are as juicy as possible. Even the roll was fantastic. It’s no surprise the bread is baked daily and sourced from the award-winning Flour Station.  For the price, it was a little small but definitely cooked with a lot more love than your average sausage sizzle.

Next came the sliders, a selection of three bite size burgers – bacon/jam/lettuce, smoked flexi-cheddar/dill cucumber and salt beef chilli/sour cream. The handmade beef patties cooked lovingly in a water bath are served medium rare. The patties were well seasoned and incredibly juicy. However I was left feeling a little disappointed by the fillings, finding most of them fairly bland and flavourless.

I will leave the best for last – the sweet potato wedges. Three words – heaven on earth. Baked twice, possibly three times they have a crisp bitter outer edge with a soft sumptuous centre. Something tasting this good couldn’t be good for you. Either eaten alone or with tarragon mayo this side is a must.

If you are feeling adventurous, other inventive sides are offered on the menu including bone marrow popcorn or devils on horseback (bacon wrapped prunes).

Dach & Sons also stock a great selection of beers and whiskies and the staff are more than welcome to offer food and drink matching combinations.

I see this place cementing itself as a firm favourite on the hip Hampstodian circuit with its innovative menu. However I can’t help being left with the feeling that it’s simply glorified  junk food cooked with lots of love.

PS Rumour has it there is a secret cocktail bar upstairs in Flat P but this post will have to wait until another time.

Strictly no reservations. Get there early or late to avoid the crowds.

Rating 8/10


This restaurant is now closed.

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